Dessert Alert: Mambolicious Creations!


Heads up, dessert lovers! If you’re looking for delicious comfort sweets to enjoy during the rainy season, then I’ve got the perfect solution – Mambolicious CreationsI came across this lovely little online business one or two months ago, and, after sampling some of their yummy creations, I’ve been pretty excited to tell everyone else all about ’em!

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The entire business is the brainchild of Rica Nadal, a mother of two and former bank executive who turned her passion for baking into her very own online business. Known as the shop’s creative baker, she whips up delicious familiar classics while adding her very own unique spins to make the flavors stand out.

Each creation is made fresh, with top quality ingredients and a whole lot of love from Rica and her entire family. Her two kids, Yonah and Rafa, and her husband, JBlaze, help her in the kitchen and in other aspects of the shop’s operation. The whole business is a charming family effort, and you can definitely taste that very same love and care in each treat that comes out of their kitchen. Here are some of the goodies I was able to sample!

Yammy (Ube Crinkles)

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P120 (twelve pieces)

I was instantly drawn to these babies when I first saw them in one of the shop’s posts online. What better way to add a delicious Filipino-style twist to the crinkle than by making them ube-flavored! Aside from being incredibly photogenic, these bite-size cookies are also soft and jam-packed with that rich ube flavor, which they get from Good Shepherd’s luscious Ube Jam.

Zoom!! (Malted Chocolate Cookies) & Ultimate Choco Chips

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P180 (six Zoom or Ult. Choco Chip cookies)

Out of all the goodies I tried, their Zoom cookies were my absolute favorite! I’m a total chocoholic, and I couldn’t get enough of these rich, malty chocolate-flavored treats. Each cookie is slightly crisp on the outside and chewy on the inside.

Fans of classic chocolate chip cookies, on the other hand, will enjoy their Ultimate Choco Chip cookies. These simple, humble cookies are soft, comforting, and will remind anyone of their fondest memories of homemade chocolate chip cookies.

Yeti Brownies

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P160 (six pieces)| P40 (one piece with vanilla ice cream)

These Yeti Brownies are rich, fudgy and incredibly filling – everything you could ever want in a chocolate brownie. Personally, I enjoyed eating them with vanilla ice cream since it helped cut the richness and it made the experience so much better!

New on the Menu: Matcha

If you happen to be a matcha lover, then you’re in luck, since the shop is adding two new matcha-themed cookies to their menu this September! As a huge fan of matcha, I’m already very excited to order some for myself. ☺


Soft and chewy matcha cookies with white chocolate chips


Eggless, buttery, and melt-in-your-mouth matcha shortbread cookies

Some of their other goodies include the Ookies (oreo cookies + cheesecake dough), Dough Lemon (soft and chewy lemon cookies), Hunny Oats (buttery, oat-loaded crisps), and the Yonanah Bread (classic banana bread). While they don’t have a physical store yet, they do offer delivery services in the Ortigas Center and Libis areas for those who purchase at least P500 worth. They also allow meetups at White Plains and St. Ignatius Village (near C5), and they’re also open to doing office visits for those who wanna share their sweet treats with officemates.

After munching on four of their most popular creations, I just can’t wait to give the others a try. If you’re craving some nice homemade classics with unique little twists, I suggest that you sample their creations too. Check out more photos of their creations on their Facebook page and go order some for yourself while you’re at it!

Mambolicious Creations
Facebook | 09473480026 | Instagram: MamboliciousCreations


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